What is an endorsement?

An endorsement is a type of guarantee by which the guarantor (Finance and Endorsed Finaval) agrees with the affiliate (Seller), to respond for the fulfillment of an obligation that the latter has granted to a third party (Client), in case of the breach of the agreed payments.


  • Maintain the financial stability of the affiliate company against the insolvency of its clients.
  • Increase credit sales with minimal risk.
  • Promote the opening of new national markets.
  • Have a professional and objective credit opinion.
  • Permanent report in risk centers.

Covered risks

  • Forced liquidation or bankruptcy.
  • Insolvency Regime.
  • Insufficiency of assets in the event of an embargo.
  • Delay in payment for illiquidity.

Types of Endorsements


Process by which the Affiliate allocates credit to its client with its own resources, a process that is carried out individually for each sale operation.

Corporate Guarantee

Product designed for recurring clients of the affiliate, where the allocation of a global quota allows agility in the sales operation with the support of Finance and Endorsements Finaval.

Portfolio Discount Guarantee

For those affiliates who require liquidity for your company, this is a fundamental product to give continuity to your operation, since it allows you to recover your money quickly with a discount rate. (PRODUCT NOT AVAILABLE DURING THE PANDEMIC).

We’re committed

At Finaval Finance and Guarantees, we are jointly and severally committed to the payment of an obligation in favor of the affiliate in the event of default by their client when purchasing one of their goods or services, a commitment that has the following characteristics.